About Dr. Matzner

MBA, Physician, PhD Economist, Fellow American College of Healthcare Executives, Fellow American College of Physicians

Integrating Broad Data and Big Data

If you're responsible for the Cost Effectiveness of healthcare programs, decisions and utilizations, from Corporate Health, Health Promotion and Wellness, to Disease Management, Dr. Matzner can provide you with the consulting expertise to create a credible valuation process to help you manage your budgets, assess the value of your outcomes and build a stronger more effective healthcare enterprise. Contact Bill Matzner today to build a stronger more economically viable Corporate Heath and Wellness program.

Dr. Matzner is a recognized expert in Healthcare and Neuro Economics. He has conducted extensive research in and taught Cost Effectiveness Analysis, a methodology he utilizes to evaluate and recommend corporate health and wellness programming predicated on achieving targeted and desired programming and outcomes for organizations.

Currently he is focused on using his background to drive measurable change and improvement in the evolving world of healthcare financing, development and delivery predicated on his expertise and experience in finance, business development and both clinical and economic research, he can bring a very bottom-line focused approach to healthcare decision that expands well beyond typically oversimplified ROI modeling and other rudimentary financial analysis.

One example of his research thus far has indicated the field of corporate health and wellness is very often not a highly measured area nor one where economic results are often sought, but it can be. He can analyze and measure economic values and their cost effectiveness at the programmatic level, for business development decisions, population health management modeling, equipment and technology acquisitions and other areas where a simple dollars in dollars out model falls short of assessing important objective and subjective data-points. Dr. Matzner calls his approach the integration of Broad Data with Big Data.